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Painting your home’s interior is a cost-effective way to renovate your home. Giving your home a new color or design will not only boost its appeal, it will also increase your property value. If you want the best results possible for your home, you will need to hire a professional house painter to get the job done right the first time. Lebolo Roofing offers professional interior & exterior painting services. We will make sure that your home’s interiors are transformed the way you want them to be!


  • Select Your Paint Color: Choosing your paint color may be more difficult than you expect. With seemingly endless options and all the different shades of white, how do you start? We can help with that!

  • Cover the area: We don’t want dust or paint getting where it doesn’t need to be. Our house painters’ first step is to lay drop cloths and plastic over the floors and furniture in the space we are painting.

  • Protect furniture: We move all furniture away from the walls and then cover it, along with the flooring, with drop cloths and plastic.

  • Ensure optimal surface for adhesion: Paint needs to be applied to smooth, prepped surfaces to make sure it adheres well and looks great for years to come. As part of our preparatory process, we remove all electrical faceplates, scrape or sand rough areas, and caulk/putty holes to guarantee that your investment lasts for years.

  • Paint, the right way: Our professional process of painting your walls relies on only high-quality products and on our years of experience and practice. Our painters will make sure to work quickly and efficiently. 

  • Clean-Up: We want to make sure your house looks like new and that includes our house painters cleaning up after our paint job.

  • Final walk-through: We conduct our own final inspection and then invite you to join us on a final walk-through where we can address any final questions or concerns and ensure that we have exceeded your expectations.




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