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If your property has an older roof or you’ve had some intense hail or high wind storms recently, there’s a good chance that your roof has suffered some (or a lot) of wind or hail damage which means you should consider an inspection. Even though you may not be noticing any leaks, water spots, or missing shingles, there still might be damage that, over time, could lead to larger complications such as reduced lifespan, leaks and water damage. It’s always a good idea to schedule a roofing inspection following a significant weather event. Not all damage can be seen from the ground, so having Lebolo Roofing conduct an on-site inspection is the only reliable way of confirming your roof came through the storm unscathed.

Our storm damage restoration teams will use premium materials and deliver expert workmanship to restore your damaged roof. You have enough to worry about after a storm.  Let us take care of every detail of the storm restoration roofing process including communicating with your insurance. We specialize in guiding you through this process, from the initial hail damage roof inspection and assessment to claim filing and the adjuster inspection process to the roof replacement. We’ll even communicate with your insurance company on your behalf, supplying drone reports and verifiable storm dates ensuring that it all moves forwards smoothly and in a hassle-free manner.

No matter the cause, we understand that dealing with restoration can feel overwhelming for homeowners but to us, it’s just another day at the office. Our simple storm restoration services ensure that your full-service repair is done in a timely manner.


Here’s how it works:

• You contact us for an inspection.
• If damage is found, we’ll explain your options.
• You’ll sign your contract and select your roofing.
• Your project manager will communicate with your insurance adjuster.
• Once your claim has been approved, your residential roof installation will be scheduled.